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Week 3: Five-Star Meals, Windansea Beach, and Charcuterie Boards

 Monday, January 18-Sunday, January 24 Before we head into our usual recap of the week, we would like to take a few moments and highlight some of the delicious meals we have been concocting this winter work. Our humble abode is home to three chefs with very distinct skillsets. They are as follows:  Daniel "Jack-of-all-Trades" Desio Executive chef. Maestro of all things Italian. Connoisseur of caprese. Overlord of the pasta sauce. Ladies, did we mention that he is single? Daniel's phenomenal caprese salad Ioana "I-wine-a" Mirica The health inspector. So hyper-vigilant about food-borne illnesses that she will cook all meats into oblivion. You prefer your steaks bloody enough to say "moo?" Then this is not the place for you. Also infamous for cooking with wine.  Ioana's pan-seared pork with red wine sauce Dillon "Hasn't-Graduated-to-Onions-Yet"  Esposito-Kelley The short order cook. Sandwiches? Salads? He's your man. Just don't a

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